Happy Fall!
Yup, it's called FALL around these parts. Probably originated by someone whose job it was to rake leaves, and let's be honest, even with a leaf blower that can average winds of a category 1 hurricane, gathering up all those leaves and bagging them really isn't something you will have to break up a fight between your kids over who ...more»
When TV Dinners Came In Aluminum Trays
Swanson TV Dinner What can I say, except that I am old enough to have enjoyed the real thing back in the 60's. When these went on sale (sometimes 10 for $1.00 at Piggly Wiggly), my parents stocked up the freezer. These were the original "Fast Food"! ┬áTake a look at some of the various brands and their ads: Swanson was ...more»
Toys We Played With In the 60’s
View Master How many of these can you relate to? Which ones did you have? What was your favorite, even if it's not listed here? ┬áThe View Master was one of my personal favorites, it was first introduced in 1939, although the image above is a later model from around the 60's. Did you ever wonder where Matchbox cars got their ...more»
7-Up Biscuits
This is such an easy recipe and so far, the closes tasting to my Grandmother's. I saw it in my news feed on facebook and trying to trace it back to the original creator from there is near impossible, so I will just say that this is not my recipe, other than I altered it with the following: about 1/4C whipping ...more»
Tennessee Whiskey Cake
Tennessee Whiskey Cake This is truly a delicious cake, made either with true Tennessee Whiskey, such as Jack Daniels, or by using the non alcohol substitute noted below. Either way, the alcohol will evaporate from the whiskey during baking, but leave a light hint of the whiskey's sweet flavor when done. This makes a wonder holiday cake, especially Christmas and New ...more»