Yup, it’s called FALL around these parts. Probably originated by someone whose job it was to rake leaves, and let’s be honest, even with a leaf blower that can average winds of a category 1 hurricane, gathering up all those leaves and bagging them really isn’t something you will have to break up a fight between your kids over who gets to do it.

In my yard I have 3 HUGE oak trees and a really big pecan tree.  The leaves on the pecan tree are still green and the oaks are still not dropping very many yet, but I will share a photo when they start.

Anyway, I had let this blog sit for awhile, something else I will get around to talking about in the future, but for now, I want to get some little treasures I’ve came across, posted for those who might enjoy them.

In the mean time, HAPPY FALL!!

Happy Fall